Do you believe, darling, that there has never been a more beautiful you?

There is a very good chance you responded, immediately and negatively, to that question.  Statistics point to a resounding number of women and men, girls and boys, who are displeased with some aspect of their physical appearance. You might think your clothing size is too big; or you hate your hair; or you think your calves are too big or too small.

We go to extreme lengths to transform and/or denigrate ourselves when we don’t live up to society’s very unreasonable beauty standards. But what if there was another way?

What if you could love the person you are right now?  What if your value was not connected to what you look like? Instead, you could see how the fabric of your past has formed the foundation of where you are right now – and that is exactly where you are meant to be. No one has ever been where you are right now.  You have never been duplicated. You have a purpose and a place that is unique to you. In other words, there has never been a more beautiful you.

I’m sure this sounds good… in theory.  But it’s a quantum leap from nodding along in agreement to actually living out this philosophy.

It takes incredible courage to: find the beauty in yourself when the world points out your flaws; and let the world see who you really are – who you were meant to be.

Darlings. I believe there is beauty in you. It has nothing to do with what you see in the mirror, and everything to do with how you share, give, and spread your gifts. Whether you know it or not, you were put on this planet for a reason. Every single cell was put together in a complex pattern that forms the one and only you. Your gifts and talents are yours alone. Only you can bring them forth through your unique blend of experiences and influences.

Come with me as I test this hypothesis – through an exploration of my own story, and of others who have courageously moved from self loathing to self love.

Let’s learn to be courageous, and love ourselves, together. 

About Me:

I’m Brandi Buckman.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been heavier than I “should” be.  I have loads of shame and judgement attached to that fact.  I also have an immense amount of pride in the life I’ve built.  From small town chubby girl to career woman living in the beautiful city of Portland, surrounded by a loving family and friends that lifts me up no matter my size. 

They say that what you most want is what you naturally give away.  This is absolutely true for me.  I am designed to give love.  I’ve developed an ability to love people – to see and celebrate who they really are – regardless of their emotional or physical barriers.  Getting to this place meant cultivating a deep sense of peace about my own journey… and a boatload of compassion, grace, and forgiveness. 

EXCEPT. I’m still learning how to love myself. To quiet the inner critic, and love myself unconditionally – the way I love my friends and family.  I’m so excited and nervous to bring you along on the journey.  I hope you learn some valuable lessons about yourself along the way.